The Agam Havdala set

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Israel's world famous kinetic artist, Yaacov Agam has created his first piece of Judaica in sterling silver: a strikingly original set for Havdala, the service for usherisng out Shabbat. Agam's "Steps of Holiness" is a nine-tiered tower, topped by a three-dimensional Star of David. Each tier is decorated by a repeating geometric pattern, creating a changing design when viewed from different angles. The levels can be rotated along the central axis, creating innumerable variations.Ingeniously hidden within the tower are the three ritual objects for the Havdala ceremony: a wine cup, candle holder and spice box.



The tower design echoes the traditional spice boxes in the Middle Ages; precious spices were guarded in castle towers. The tower also reflects elements of the now-destroyed wooden synagogues of Eastern Europe. Those synagogues often ended up with a pagoda-like structure after adding on levels over the years. The nine steps together with the Star of David allude to the Steps of Holiness in the mystical Kabbalah of Judaism. Together they make up the 10 Sefirot of Divine Emanation. Agam carries on the tradition received from his father, a Rabbi and Kabbalist.



Each "Steps of Holiness" tower is hand-crafted in Israel by master craftsmen before being signed and numbered by Yaacov Agam. Totally functional for the Havdala ceremony, the "Steps of Holiness will be a major acquisition, for Judaica and art collectors, adding scope and value to any collection.



Sterling silver edition: 180 numbered sets


Size: 19 cm high


Item No.HAV04

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