Menachem Berman's Tzedaka Box

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Menachem Berman is created in the form of a pile of eight sterling silver antique shekels stacked in a casual manner. The side of each coin is ingraved in modern Hebrew script with the essence of each level of charity according to Maimonides, the highest level being: providing a person with the means to earn their own livelihood. The top coin is a reproduction of the bas-relief script of a Second Temple era coin. A clock-like closure at the botton of the Tzedaka Box has no hands to tell the time; surrounding it in ingraved Hebrew: "At every time He does charity." The mitzva of giving charity receives a vehicle beautifully increasing awareness when you use this unique and meaningful CHARITY BOX

Size: 10 cm diameter and 11 cm tall


Item No.COL02

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