Small format - Song of Songs

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This diminutive treasure, printed on vellum and bound in warm red calfskin, is made to be cherished by women in general and by Jewish brides in particular. The Hebrew letters of the title, composed into refined graphic elements, are subtly embossed on the cover. On the first page appear the Sabbath blessing recited by Jewish women since time immemorial; at the end of the book is the “Women of Valor” the traditional song of praise for the Jewish women. between them, the Song of Songs resonates in a series of elegant double-page spreads. These pages are each graced by a magnificent border, a veritable encyclopaedia of floral illustration. Yacov Daniel's exquisitely ornamented Hebrew lettering, contained in oval frames within the borders, perfectly balances these luxuriant borders. And the intensely colored, full page paintings, settings the Song in an idyllic Renaissance garden, defines this book, once again, as the most romantic of Hebrew texts. Hence the frontispiece, an opulent gold and mauve frame around a blank space, to be inscribed to one's particular beloved.

 On these pages:

"Make haste my beloved, and be thou like a gazelle or a young hart upon the mountains of spices.” In a fantasy of a classic Italian garden, the woman dreams of her beloved and perhaps, the life she envisions for them. Surrounding the pages is a symbolic border featuring among other things, the tulip – a status symbol of wealthy Europeans in the 17th century, and the pomegranate – both a traditional icon for fertility and, as the emblem of the High Priest, associated with the spirituality and holiness.

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