The complete Book of Blessings (Sefer ha-Berachot ha-Shalem)

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Though Jewish tradition calls for the daily recitation of one hundred blessings, books of benedictions are among the most rare of illuminated Hebrew manuscripts. Yacov Daniel’s splendid leather- bound and gold-embossed Book of Blessings more than fills the vacuum. The charming illustrations and floral illuminations in intense, contemporary colors bring to life all one hundred fifty benedictions of the Jewish year, while the large, almost-square format adds immeasurably to the pleasure of reading them. From the smallest vignettes placed within flowery borders, to the plethora of colorful, full-page paintings, there is a delightful, dynamic sense of Jewish history. Symbols and appurtenances of Jewish life appear throughout, underscoring the importance of Jewish ritual and the Land of Israel and bringing them up to date with views of Jerusalem skyscrapers alongside her antiquities.


The ideal gift for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, newlyweds, or grandparents, who have everything,

The Complete Book of Blessings will itself be a lifetime blessing of beauty for everyone privileged

to own and use it.

The only benediction that is missing is a special one for the skilled artist who created it.


Leather Bound on art paper 

Leather Bound on parchment paper

On special Fabriano art paper 

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