Jeremy Kimchi - Eliyahu chair

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 Eliyahu Chairs from the pre-Holocaust period can hardly be found except in museums. In the last fifty years most Elijah Chairs have been improvised from whatever furniture is available. Filling this gap, master wood-worker Jeremy Kimchi creates this contemporary magnificent and innovative KISEH ELIAHU HANAVI. Hand-carved exotic woods are inlaid with precious metals to produce an impressive chair for the sandak—godfather—sitting and holding the baby boy during his brit milah—circumcision ceremony. A large disc covered in gold-leaf symbolizes thebrit—covenant--between the Eternal and the Jewish people. Sterling silver Hebrew letters proclaim, “Just as you have entered the covenant of our father Abraham, so you shall enter (the covenant) of Torah and marriage. The back of the chair has two Tablets of the Covenant pierced with 10 discs, symbolizing the Ten Commandments. The seat is covered in reddish-brown leather and there is a foot rest for the comfort of the sandak.This sculpture in wood is a beautifully designed chair for the home as well as adding dignity to the ritual objects in the synagogue.

 Size: 187/78cm

Item No.COL05

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