The "Haftara" Manuscript

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Leather bound on hand made art paper

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This breathtaking volume contains the complete readings from the Prophets , traditionally chanted in the synagogue service on Sabbath following the weekly Torah portion. The Haftorah readings have long been an integral part of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration, and countless generations of Jewish 13 year-olds have memorized their words. The illustrated Haftarot, with its large parchment pages, monumental illustrations and unforgettable design, is bound to become an incredibly new and appealing element of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah service-an exciting visual experience that will continue to inspire throughout adulthood.


Its monumental black-and-white illustrations, reminiscent of copper-plate engravings, are worthy of a 17th –century master. Framing almost every page is a border filled with a rich variety of non figurative patterns. The repetition of distinctive ochre, red and blue accents enhances these borders and unifies the whole. Multiple layers in the design are meant to be read visually as well as literally, with elaborate drawings that refer not only to the Haftorah readings but also to the Torah portions associated with them. Occasionally, pages with geometrically shaped bodies of text, balanced by restrained illustrations within squared-off frames, comprise a striking graphic design resembling a page of Gemara.


The complete Book of Haftorah Readings is a truly unique Bat Mitzvah gift. No less so, is an individual Haftorah portion that can be ordered in Hebrew and/or in English, in a beautiful leather binding and embossed with the Bat/Bar Mitzvah's name. After the chanting in the Synagogue The Haphtorah can be framed and treasured long after the party is over, or used, bound, year after year on the Bar Mitzvah Shabbat.

  • A remarkable art work in a limited edition signed and numberd leather bound facsimiles.  
  • Now for the first time an extraordinary art publication designed to illuminate the  sayings of our prophets through brilliant illustrations, exquisite calligraphy, rich gold embossing and beautiful decorations.  
  • Accompanied by the ArtScroll translation. 
  • A truly unique present given by parents and grandparents to be read by the Bar Mitzvah boy on his very special Shabbat and to be kept as a cherished family heirloom for generations to come. 
  • A noteworthy donation for any synagouge to use on Shabbat and festivals.  
  • An exceptional and unique item for any collector of judaica - already rousing significant intrest by prestigious museums and libraries arond the world.

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