The King of Spain Seder plate

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 The Seder plate, customized specifically for King Juan Carlos the second of Spain, celebrated the occasion of the 500th anniversary & reconciliation of the expulsion of Spanish Jewry in 1492. Due to the fact that the plate was designed as a symbol of historical reconciliation between the Spanish and Jewish communities, certain motifs manifest themselves. Firstly, the Spanish armada composed of 6 sailboats is placed on the Star of David. Farther, the Star of David metamorphoses into a fascinating design composed of arrows arranged in 3 layers for the Matzot, symbolizing the expulsion of the Spanish Jews from Spain. The sails of the boats are shaped into a single pomegranate fruit and the Spanish crown. The sails can open into a flower shape, thus revealing all the traditional components of the Seder plate.

Size: 18"/ 18"/ 22"
Sterling Silver
Item No.SED06

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