Zelig Segal's new innovative kabbalistic Kiddush Cup

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Zelig Segal is a prince among Judaica artists in Israel. His New innovative Kiddush Cup is a masterpiece of high-level design.

By using simple geometric forms of cone and circles Zelig has created a meaningful work of Jewish art.

(Dr. Iris Fishof Curator of Judaica (1982-2000) Israel Museum).

The Kiddush cup has a profound significance in the world of Kabbalah. The sefirot through which G-d rules his world, descend to our world and influence it by means of the tenth Sefira, "Malchut". The numeric value of the letters of the word "Kos" (cup) is the same as that of the word "Elokim" and "ha Teva" (nature). When the cup receives the higher sefirot, it becomes the funnel which pours the divine abundance from above into our world. When we enter the seventh day, the Shabbat (which represents the "Sefirat Malchut" of the previous week", we make Kiddush, and absorb into our experience and existential being, all the divine abundance of the past week.This illumination and elevation is encapsulated in this unique Zelig creation. Lechaim!

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