Yisrael Meshi's Jerusalem Mezuzah

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Yisrael Meshi's Jerusalem Mezuzah is a striking work of sculptural art in bronze, available in different sizes and different patinas of blues, greens and brown. Some of the seven species for which the Land of Israel is famed are represented: figs and grapevines with grapes are clustered in relief within half arches on each face of the meszuah. Steps rise to a turreted, domed gate, kechoing the verse from psalms in raised lettering at the base of the mezuzah: "Lift up your heads O ye gates and be lifted up ye everlasting doors..." The sculptured design of this unique mezuzah evokes the mystical beauty of Jerusalem's Old City: the alleys,the arches, steps and domes ;possibly, the passageways and courtyards of the ancient Temple of Jerusalem.

While most mezuzah cases have their own charm, there are none that have the sculptural beauty of the Jerusalem Mezuzah. The durable bronze mezuzah is suitable for the exterior of homes, synagogues and can be used for presentation purposes. This design has been honored to be chosen for the gate to the Western Wall-the Kotel and also for the entrance to the Jerusalem municipality City Hall building complex at Kikar Safra.

Large Sterling Silver 

Small Sterling Silver

Large Bronze 

Small Bronze

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