Torah Breastplate

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It is another striking addition to this series of ritual objects. Two flat, polished silver lions, with red carnelian eyes rear up in the center of the breastplate. The stippled silver border contains the Hebrew phrase: "And this is the Torah that Moshe placed before the Children of Israel according to the Eternal, by the hand of Moshe." Two half-circle silver discs have alternating red copper pomegrantes and blue patina copper ovals, topped by three rays of a crown. A rectangular cut-out at the base of the Breastplate has space for tablets ingraved in Hebrew with the name of the holiday or Shabbat. Many design elements are in common with the Set of Rimonim and like them may be ordered as part of a whole set together with the Torah Crown or separately.

Sterling Silver, Semi-Precious Stones

9" x 9" x3

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