Gretty Rubinstein - The Circumcision

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Jews are commanded to circumcise their sons on the eighth day after their birth. In this realistic painting, the mohel-the traditional circumciser-uses his scalpel to cut off the foreskin of the newborn baby, held on a pillow on the lap of the elderly sandak-godfather, while the boy's father looks on. Bearded men with sidelocks, some with shtreimels gaze at the scene with solemn concentration. In the distance is the parochet-the red velvet curtain of the Torah ark, reminding us that the baby is now entering the Covenant of Abraham as commanded in the Bible.

Gretty Rubinstein Z'.L'., one of Israel's foremost artists, left a tremendous void in the realm of the fine arts Judaica market. Born in Rumania, she received her art education there and in Israel and was graduated from Betzalel Art Academy in Jerusalem. She has exhibited at digtinguished galleries and museums all over the world.

Commissioned by Ely Levisohn of Judaica Heirlooms these beautiful works of art are oil paintings of superb caliber and significance. They commemorate amongst others the holidays and celebrations of the Jewish people. Some are executed in a realistic style and some in an abstract expressionist style. Gretty's work has been influenced by the Italian Rennaissance. All pieces reflect her humanistic philosophy and show the humorous, light-sided aspects of Jewish life and practice.

Size: 120/100

Oil on Canvas 

Item No.RUB01

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