Star of David Candlesticks by Adi Diamant

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Adi Diamant sculpts candlesticks in three-dimensional Star of David shapes.He breaks away from the traditional high stemed candlestick to create a double piece of sculpture to adorn your Shabbat table. The candlesticks come in two variations and in brass, sterling silver or silver plate: Variation 1:Three triangular plates attached to a small central cylinder bend down, points touching the surface on which it stands. Three other triangular plates rise up from the base of the cylinder. Variation 2: This variation is more dramatic. These candlesticks are similar in construction to the first design. However, the three triangular plates flare up much higher and create beautiful reflections in the lower triangular plates. In both variations the central cylinders continue up to function as candleholders.


Silver Plate 

Sterling Silver 

Size: 14/11

Item No.CAN04

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