Gretty Rubinstein - Shabbat Study

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In this realistic painting, a bearded father wearing a fur shtreimel sits at a table with his young son, also wearing a shtreimel. Two open books lie on a table; perhaps they are volumes of the Talmud. The boy has a look of openness and concentration as he answers the questions of his father and teacher. A vase full of delicately delineated red roses, fruit scattered on the dark crimson tablecloth. and two candles burning in silver candleholders, identifiy this scene as possibly the beginning of the Sabbath or one of the holidays. An indirect blue light hovers over the boy's head from a tall casement window framed by flowing curtains. The richness of artistic expression in the many details of this delightful painting mirror the richness of love between the generations and their love of Torah.

Item No.RUB02

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