Samson toppling the pillars by Israel Hadani

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To look at SAMSON TOPPLING THE PILLARS is to feel an inner wrench reflected in the planes and color and line design of this sculpture in matte gray steel. Samson is depicted in two interesecting planes. Three arms push over the temple pillars of the Philistines while his leg stretches back to topple another pillar. No head is shown so you get the feeling of great physical strength, echoed in the gray matte finish of the steel. This is not a pretty piece; it is a strong sculpture. The jagged outlines of the flat pillars make them seem almost on the point of total disintegration, however the overall balanced design of the pillars arching over Samson implies an ultimate order underlying destruction

Height: 51 cm; corian base: 61 cm x 61 cm

Item No.HAD05

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