Il magnifico megilla case

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Il Magnifico Megilla Case is an impressive and magnificent work of Judaica art. It was originally commissioned by Ely Levisohn, world-renowned proprietor of Judaica Heirlooms--for a private family--from an Israeli Russian immigrant silversmith. When Ely saw the piece he loved it so much that he ordered another one with additions of semi-precious stones. The column of hammered sterling silver is appliqued with 24 karet gold plated ornate Baroque cut out designs and Hebrew lettering. One panel has golden grapes and grape leaves bordering the last sentence from Megillat Esther: "...(and Mordecai) was accepted by the multitude of his brethren, seeking the good of his people, and speaking peace to all his seed." The other gold panel is ingraved with a depiction of Haman leading Mordecai riding the horse of King Ahaseurus Smoothly polished silver scallops border the top and bottom of the case and are embossed with amythysts. The case rests on a six-sided polished silver base; each panel appliqued with silver cut outs repeating the grape and grape leaf theme. The top is ornamented with a curved silver crown, engraved with pomegranates. A gold band embossed with golden spheres is the base of the crown and the top of the silver crown is adorned with a golden diadem. The splendor of this Megilla Case is truly regal.

One of a kind 


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