Hand painted Jerusalem Dreidle

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Created by the same Russian artists with the same attention to detail and the same

professional artistry as the mezuza covers. They are also painted on porcelain.

Each color is baked individually at its appropriate temperature in the kiln in order to produce a special exactiness and clm'ity.

'rhe hinders of the dreidels and the Hebrew letters on the top:

 nun, gimel, NJ: pah, are accented in 24 carat gold-plate.

Each dreidel comes with its own porcelain stand, continuing the design, so that 


you may display the dreidel during the whole year.

Each piece has subtle differences in design. These dreidels are exquisite collectors'

 items and are appropriate as a gift during the year as well as at Chanukah.



DREIDELS have three other lovely variations, hand-painted on




1. NOAH'S ARK DREIDEL has charming miniature scenes of


animals walking to the ark, two by two, under cloudy skies.

2. SEVEN SPECIES DREIDEL has pomegranates, grapes, dates


and figs painted on each of four sides of the dreidel with wheat


and barley delineated on four smaller facets.

3. KLEZMER MUSICIAN DREIDEL Bearded musicians with


earlocks flying play their instruments while a group of robed


Chassidim dance and rejoice


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