Ethipian Chief grogger

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Master woodworker Eddie Jacob creates exquisite Jewish ceremonial objects, using unusual and exotic woods. One of his creative designs is this whimsical grogger—Purim noisemaker, used during the reading of the Scroll of Esther. This large functional sculpture in rosewood goes beyond the traditional European grogger design to pioneer new Judaica territory. A carved and inlaid stylized head of an Ethiopian Chief, with hair with real horsehair sticks out his tongue causing the rotating grooved cylinder in the handle to make an awesomely loud noise. Thus it is suitable for the Scroll reading in an Orthodox synagogue and will really blot out the name of Haman. A bell set in the chief’s carved headress and small tamborine cymbals make a medium noise, suitable for other synagogues and temples. Four three-dimensional rectangles attached to the handle by leather thongs make a very mild noise, in places where noise is not appreciated. Why an Ethiopian Chief? King Ahasheurus ruled “From India to Kush (Ethiopia).

 Jacob’s background in the performing arts, when he was a prop-maker as well actor and director colors his woodworking art. Jacob made aliya to Israel in 1980 and became a baal teshuva—returning to his Jewish roots, studying the depths of Torah wisdom. All of these influences plus his deep knowledge and love of wood add up to create stunning collectors items. All his work has these triple objectives:

The object must be functionally suited to its purpose.

It must meet the exacting and detailed requirements of religious law.

The spiritual nature of the object must dictate its aesthetic form.

This unique, amusing and magnificently carved grogger has been exhibited in a non-Jewish art gallery on Madison Avenue, so great is its design and art value. Judaica connoisseurs take note: originally intending to make 360 pieces, Jacob stopped when he reached 100—exhausted by the huge amount of work necessary to produce each piece.

Height: 43 / 33 cm

Item No.DRE05

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