David Gumbel

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 SEDER PLATE by David Gumbel is a true masterpiece of the acknowledged "Dean" of Israeli silversmiths. Gumbel trained in the Bauhaus and was a professor at the Betzalel Art Academy in Jerusalem until he passed away at the age of 90. Gumbel used various techniques and finishes to create a functional Seder Plate of stunning clean-lined beauty . Three levels under the round tray, conceal the three matzot during the Seder ritual. Beautiful repousse Hebrew letters around the edges of the three levels proclaim: "From slavery to freedom; from agony to joy; from darkness to great light."




Six, raised disc-shaped saucers have glass inserts to hold the traditional Seder foods. A magnificent Cup of Elijah rises up from the center of the Seder Plate and. The shaft of the cup has the repousse Hebrew phrase: "Elijah the prophet, Elijah the Tishbite, Elijah the Giladite." This Judaica sculpture is one of three pieces created out of specially thick sterling silver. For the true connoisseur and collector.


Size: 33 /18 cmSize: 33 /18 cm


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