Gretty Rubinstein - Bar Mitzvah

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Size: 140/100

This is a large, impressive and realistic painting of a Bar Mitzvah ceremony in a synagogue. The 13-year old boy, wearing tallit and tefillin for the first time, holds a Sefer Torah; his face shines with joy and self-awareness. His bearded father, eyes closed in concentration places his right hand on the boy's head while blessing him.Other congregants, both men and boys have expressions of rejoicing on their faces. Light streaming in from arched windows contrasts with the dark clothes of the worshippers. Gretty uses a somewhat sombre palette: the red velvet cloth draping the Torah reading table on the bima and the blue of the Torah scroll cover are some of the few color accents. Color use as well as lighting-- highlights the contrast between childhood and maturity and strict relgious practice and universal humanity. The pictorial elements, use of color and composition form an integrated masterpiece, underlining the unity of all these elements

Item No.RUB04

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