Rainbow Sefirat Haomer tapestry

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Size: 89/82cm

is an ingenious, multi-colored goblain tapestry designed and hand-woven in wool at the studios of textile artist George Goldestein, winner of the Israel Museum Prize, 1999. Sefirat Haomer is the seven week period between Passover and the holiday of Shevuot, when the wheat was harvested and an omer (an ancient measure) offered in the Temple of Jerusalem. The word sefira-count-also refers to the Sefirot-the Divine Emanations. This magnificent tapestry is divided into seven rows of seven squares. Each week of Counting the Omer and each day is represented by a color (derived from the mystical Kabalah) and by Hebrew letters and words referring to the Sefirot. For example, the patriarch Abraham represents chesed-lovingkindness. The first week of Counting the Omer is the week of chesed and the first day of that week is called the chesed within chesed. In this color scheme, chesed is represented by the color purple. The first square is all purple. The second week is represented by the patriarch Isaac, whose quality, gevurah is strength and power. The second week is represented by the color blue. Therefore the second day of the first week is woven with blue and purple warp and weft. Each day of the last week of Counting the Omer is represented by a solid, unmixed, primary color, until arriving at the 49th day, colored white on white, emblem of the purity of the Children of Israel receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai at Shevuot. Each square of the tapestry has slits to hold a square wooden marker to aid in the Counting of the Omer.

RAINBOW SEFIRAT HAOMER is available with a gray or beige background. This stunningly beautiful and original tapestry has been acquired for the permanent collections in both the Jewish Museum of New York City and the Skirball Museum of Los Angeles.

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