King David and Harp by Danny Kafri

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Size: 91 / 50 cm

In this powerful rounded bronze King David plays his immortal psalms on his harp. His crown-like turban sems to halo his expression of sweet concentration as he sits cross-legged, vibrating his words of praise, consolation and thanksgiving through the ages. In contrast to Michaelangelo's youthful David who is about to strike against the might of Goliahth, Kafri depicts David as a mature and regal king in the plenitude of power and wisdom. Nevertheless he is a king who finds time to play music for the soul and to write the entire book of psalms. ( 90 cm x 48 cm )



(B) The same magnificent sculpture is available in lovely polished yellow onyx



(B) A smaller version of the same, but just as powerful in its compactness is offered in different patinas of bronze


Item No.DAN07

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