The spring Seder Plate

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A sterling silver Seder Plate is as contemporary today as when it was designed forty years ago. Exuberant Hebrew lettering around the plate spells out the Biblical phrase: "Remember the day you left Egypt..." Spring flowers are interspersed among the letters and concentric wavy circles recall the Parting of the Red Sea. The sunken saucers for the symbolic Seder foods are lined with their Hebrew designations.

This lovely Seder Plate is also available in several ceramic designs, handmade and handpainted with raised lettering. A painted faience Seder Plate has colorful blooms avoking the springtime month of Nissan and emphasizing the raised Hebrew letters in the border, while the deep blue waves of the Red Sea part in the center where there are small removable saucers for the symbolic Seder foods.

Another version of this ceramic Seder Plate has a central handpainted scene of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem and the tower of David. Removeable saucers for the symbolic Seder foods complete the Plate.

 And there is the completely white PRISTINE SEDER PLATE whose main design element is the Hebrew lettering around the border of the Plate, again complemented with removeable saucers.


Large Ceramic 

Small Porcelain 

Hand Made Sterling Silver  


Item No.SED01

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