Zelig Segal - Hand washing laver

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This beautiful Hand washing laver, was designed By the Israel Museum prize winning artist Zelig Segal.

It is made out of anodized Aluminum and comes in various colors.

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Zelig Segal was born to an Orthodox familyin Jerusalem.

In a neigborhood that mimicked an 18th-century Polish shtetl,he imbibed the ancient sources of Jewish law and

lore, the year-long cycle of ceremony and liturgy, the flowing forms and mystical meaning of Hebrew letters.

At the age of 16, with long ritual sidelocks and a personal scholarship from Prime Minister

David Ben-Gurion, Zelig left the yeshiva for the art academy.

There, in the metalsmithing workshops of Bezalel, he found the ideal medium to express

and interpret traditional Jewish concepts in three dimensions.

For half a century he has remained true to this medium, designing masterpieces, one after

another, that are now internationally recognized as landmarks of Judaica.

Timeless in concept, some of the brilliant works presented here were designed

decades ago and executed now for the first time thanks to the vision of Ely Levisohn.

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